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You are not alone …



Do you feel overwhelmed by your child’s special needs? I have good news. You are not alone! I’ve got 23 years of experience as the mom of a son with autism and fragile X syndrome, and I’m here to support you.



Lack of knowledge can be our biggest enemy. We want to help you find the resources you need to understand and parent each of your children effectively. Let’s work together to have families that thrive in all of their uniqueness.


This is more than a website. This is a community where people help each other live abundantly. You might need encouragement and help today, but tomorrow you might be the one helping someone else. Come and join us!

Love Finds a Way

Not so sure you signed up to parent a child with special needs? I know I didn’t. But then Zack came into our lives.


At first, I was terrified

I felt inadequate. I was afraid of the future. I wanted to run away. I argued with God. I didn’t want to learn about autism and fragile X syndrome.


But that changed

My fear faded whenever I looked at my son. He was so much more than those labels. He won my heart. I think he’ll win yours, too, as you read our stories.


Follow the Dots

I hope you enjoy my blog “Follow the Dots” as together we parent our special children, one step at a time.


Do you need encouragement? Looking for something to make you chuckle? Or just want to feel inspired?

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Follow the Dots

folder_openOur story
“Follow the dots” is a popular request from my son Zack. He never tires of connecting dots that form words and phrases. “What do you want me to write?” I say. “Ferry boat.” I take the marking pen he hands…

A Letter to our church

We love you, Calvary Fellowship Family! Dear Church Family, Thank you, Calvary Fellowship and all our brothers and sisters in Christ, for living life with us for 25 years. This chapter has been incredible and we are so grateful for…

Fragile X, Fragile Hope: Finding Joy in Parenting a Child with Special Needs

This book tells the beginning of our story. It chronicles the first seven years of Zack’s life—from my first concerns that he was different to finding a diagnosis, to coming to a place of peace. As time has gone on, I’ve found great joy in being Zack’s mom.

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a developmental disability or autism?

If so, you may feel your world is shattered, and you may have no idea what to do or where to go for help.

You wish you could stop what is happening, and you are afraid of what the future holds.

I understand. I felt the same when Zack was diagnosed with fragile X syndrome and autism.

But there is hope, and there are many people ready to walk this road with you. I am one of them.

Stronger Together

On an unfamiliar journey, it is helpful to have traveling companions. Other families have walked the path you are on and they may even be a few steps ahead of you. We periodically post stories from these families. Stay tuned and always be the first to read our story and those of others by subscribing to our newsletter list here.

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Everyone's story is unique and needs to be heard

It always helps to know you’re not alone. Your family’s story will encourage families with children who have special needs. Many aren’t sure what to do and they feel scared, alone, frustrated, sad, angry and disappointed. Or they may just be weary from the journey. You’ve been there, and you know how it feels. One simple way you can make a difference is to share the story of your family: how having a child with special needs has changed you, what you’ve learned, and what has helped you deal with challenging circumstances. Even if your story is just beginning, it can give hope, and that can change lives. Let us share a moment in time with your family and your special child.