There are times in life when we need guidance Let someone a few steps further down
the path help point the way.
Let someone a few steps further down the path help point the way

Parents of children with special needs have needs too!

I approach life with a positive, faith-filled perspective. I am also very human, so there are days when I feel a tad bit on the brink of losing my marbles when reading The Cat in the Hat for the tenth time or singing another round of “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” with my 20-year-old son, Zack.

Perhaps you can relate. We all need help sometimes to keep it together.

I can offer you a listening ear and prayer. If you would like either of those, please contact me.

I can help you with:

Counseling and Guidance

Listening and supporting You through email.

Though I’m not a certified counselor, I know what it’s like to be the parent of a child/adult with special needs and I can relate to how you feel. I’m happy to correspond with you.

Contact me now to schedule a meeting today.

Speaking at events & conferences

With more than 15 years of experience speaking and teaching women’s groups, I would be happy to speak at your event or conference.

Contact me now to discuss prices and other details.

Support Your Children Ministry

I would love to come to your church or group to share with childcare and Sunday School teachers. I am experienced in making classrooms sensory friendly and can offer suggestions for ways to include children with special needs.

Contact me today to learn how you can make your church accessible to families with children who have special needs.

Help you find resources

Sometimes all we need is the right information to practically help our child and ourselves. Check out our list of resources and email us at with new ones you want to see listed.

Visit our resources page or buy the book for more resources.

Share your story

Like me, I bet you have lots of stories to tell! Email your best one to us at (500 words or less with a high-res photo). Keep it positive—we want to hear the truth, but we also want to be encouraged (even if it’s what you would do differently the next time you’re in a similar situation).

Share your story by clicking on the orange button now.