Michelle and her daughter, Abbey.


Twenty-one years ago, I gave birth to Abbey, whose name means Source of Joy.  Although her birth was extremely long and complicated, she seemed fairly healthy when we took her home from the hospital.

Then, at only 5 days old, we had to rush her to the hospital where we learned that she had a massive bleed on the brain.  The doctors were afraid to give us any positive news, and they only told us all kinds of scary things.

Although Abbey has mental delays, speech impairment, and cannot read, she has lived up to her name, and she is a complete source of joy to all who know her.

Abbey brings a quiet peace to those who sit next to her and let her into their world.  She can ride horses, play basketball, and do some jobs with the help of a job coach.

Abbey and Michelle at Prom. Photo by Young Reflections Photography

Abbey has been the inspiration for a non-profit called Special Dreams for Special Kids. In the Seattle area, we provide Respite Days for parents who carry a heavy load caring for their children with special needs. We also provide a sensory-friendly Prom each year.

And, on an individual level, we love discovering what a child’s dream might be and then making it happen, preferably with the cooperation of many in the community at large.

You can find out more about Special Dreams for Special Kids at www.spdreams.org.

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