Our girl Gaby became a mama today to seven puppies! And boy was I glad we took her to the breeder one day earlier than originally planned. I could feel them moving inside her big belly, and could even see them in the last few days. She kept sleeping in our closet, which she had never done before. And two nights ago I couldn’t sleep because I kept getting up to check on her.

She was at Taylor’s (the breeder) house over night and it didn’t seem like anything was happening. Then she tore her bed apart — a sign of labor starting. And her first three came out fast. Then there was a long pause, and Taylor took her out to go potty. Another puppy was born then, in the grass! And the last three came back up in the room where she is staying.

I came to visit on my way home from work.The moment I stepped in the room, Gaby stood up and started to come to me. I guided her back into place and urged her to lay down. She’s such a good mama — licking her babies and showing them so much love! At one point she pushed a little one away so the others could come close to nurse. When he squealed loudly she licked his face and pushed him back to nurse again with her nose.

Here are the photos of these adorable newborns and their wonderful mama. So proud of my girl!


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