Today is Zack’s birthday!

Zack and Jay

21 years old. An adult. He can now legally drink alcohol. But the way he tends to guzzle pop, we’re sticking with Martinelli’s Apple Cider.

Raffi CDs trumped all other gifts. If the “25 Favorite Veggie Tales ” CD had come on time, it would have been right up there, too. Zack recognized the size of the package and went for it first thing. He’s out in Jay’s van even as I type, listening and, no doubt, rewinding to his heart’s delight.

Zack opened the best first–a double CD set of Raffi!

IWonder If I’m Growing. Shake Your Sillies Out. Down By The Bay. All you Raffi fans out there know what I’m talkin’ bout.

We went to church this morning, where Zack made his usual rounds to say hello to everyone. Then we ordered out from Chipotle for lunch and headed home. We would have gone to the beach but it’s suddenly cold and windy and overcast — and Mom’s not willing to freeze.

Zack is great at opening presents and his response makes you just want to give him another one! He has a grin and an “Oh wow!” or delighted intake of breath that makes you feel like you really hit the jackpot with every single gift.


Now we’re waiting for Zack to be ready to eat ice cream. (Or at least I am!) But we’ve sung the song already, opened presents, and celebrated as much as our son is willing. And that’s how we roll …

It’s begun to rain hard and the trees are swaying back and forth, but as Zack comes through the front door, filled up with Raffi tunes for the moment, there is warmth in our home and we are thankful.

Happiest of Birthdays, darling man-boy! We love you lots and lots!!



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  • Big milestone! Happy Birthday to Zack!

  • Marivel Sandoval
    September 20, 2017 2:46 am

    Hi Elizabeth. I met your husband at the northwest pastors conference yesterday at Calvary Mountlake Terrace. I was hoping for an espresso but the machine was down so I walked over to the familiar bookcase in the coffee shop. My eyes for some reason zeroed in on your book- Fragile X Hope. I looked for someone so I could pay for the book and ran into your sweet husband. He graciously said that I could have it and shared with me a little about your blog. I wanted the book for a dear friend of mine who works at a school district with children with special needs. I read it in its entirety today on the way home from Seattle to Granger, Wa where we live. I just wanted to say thank you for this book! It really spoke to my heart and I pray that it would also motivate my friend in his work place. I saw that Zack’s Birthday was just 2 days ago. May your family be blessed with many more! I appreciate your sharing of your son, family, and your testimony.

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