If I Need Help is a great way to keep our kids with special needs safe. We purchased a tag to put on Zack’s shoes a year ago and, after our recent trip to Fred Meyer, are buying a packet of patches to put on all of his coats.

While writing my post about Zack wandering twice at Fred Meyer, I thought I should let you know about this great product that uses QR codes to provide contact information for anyone with a cell phone who is looking for your lost child. (Another option provides your cell phone directly without use of a QR code.) It was created by parents just like you and me.

Here’s what If I Need Help‘s website says about its founders:  Bruce & Erin Wilson are proud parents of a fun-loving and overly energetic 13-year-old son Jay who has moderate to severe Autism. Jay has very limited language ability.  He has been lost at school and camp in the past.  We keep a watchful eye on him and stay close. Often we position ourselves between Jay and an exit because he can suddenly decide to bolt into danger and he is fast.  If I Need Help was created out of our concern and love for our son. Once we had a system that provided a greatly increased measure of security for him and greater peace of mind for us we decided to share this with the millions of other people in the same situation as us.

The following story from If I Need Help was in my inbox the other day and I asked permission to share it here:

Lost at Walmart: Found with If I Need Help

One of our members was at Walmart with his Mom. Lets call him Jim (not his real name). He is 8 years old & fast like a track star! He might not beat Usain Bolt in the 100, but in the 10 my money would be on Jim. He likes to explore on his own when his Mom glances in another direction.

This time Jim got away during the half second she looked away. They locked down the store and everyone was running all over looking for him. An employee saw a boy playing by himself but he did not fit the description put out by the store and was not wearing the same clothes his Mom told everyone he was. Still, he was by himself and couldn’t/wouldn’t communicate anything to help the person who found him. Who could he be?… What is this?… He is wearing an if I Need Help QR Code patch … Maybe I could find out who he is if I scan it! Wow, this is the boy! This is Jim, and here is his Mom’s number and how to help him. Within minutes he was back in his Mom’s arms. She was crying, shaken and grateful. He was no worse for wear because he was returned to Mom so quickly that he didn’t really know he had been lost.

I think this is a great way to keep all of our kids safe, whether they have special needs or not.

(I am not receiving any compensation for this post and not making any guarantees, I am merely passing along what I consider to be useful information.)

For more information, go to https://ifineedhelp.org/

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