I promised to catch you up when we returned from our trip to Spain and England, so here I am … one week after coming home and still fatigued from jet lag, but ready to let you know that despite my complete mama freak out and fretting before leaving home, everyone (Zack, Gaby, Emmy) did just fine while we were away. In fact, they thrived.

Our plane touched down in Seattle at 11:45 a.m. a week ago, but Customs took the usual much-longer-than-you-can-imagine time, so we bered home with only 20 minutes to spare until Zack got off his after-school bus.

I was waiting at the end of the driveway, eager for that excited smile and hand wave. And sure enough, I got it.

He looked strong and handsome, and like he’d lost about 10 pounds that he really needed to lose. And he looked happy.

It felt like only yesterday that we’d been together. And as my son came off the bus, I felt the Lord’s reassurance in my heart: This is what it’s going to be like in heaven, Elizabeth. You’ll be there waiting when Zack arrives, and it will seem like it’s only been a few days. And in the meantime, he will have THRIVED on earth, even without you there to make sure everything is good and right in his world. He’s not just going to survive those years, he’s going to thrive.

Jay and I were so excited to see Zack after 12 days away.

If nothing else came of our trip. If it had been a horrible time (which is wasn’t). If … If … If … It would have been worth going away for that very moment of infinite reassurance. Not only had Taylor assured me prior to going, but Zack’s and my Creator reassured me after coming home. I have nothing to worry about.

My greatest fear is not an issue. Zack is going to have a good life. Zack is going to thrive. Zack is loved by more than Jay and me.

I’m going to have to learn not to worry.


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