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Your Family’s Stories Here

We want to hear your family’s story! 

Every family has ups and downs. Feel free to share the good, the bad and the ugly with us, but please give us something positive to walk away with! Your family and what you’ve experienced can be a great encouragement and support to others. Send us a story of 500 words and a large, high-resolution photo to go with it and you may see it on our website soon.

All stories are different and all are precious

It always helps to know you’re not alone. Your family’s story will encourage families with children who have special needs. Many aren’t sure what to do and they feel scared, alone, frustrated, sad, angry and disappointed. Or they may just be weary from the journey. You’ve been there, and you know how it feels. One simple way you can make a difference is to share the story of your family: how having a child with special needs has changed you, what you’ve learned, and what has helped you deal with challenging circumstances. Even if your story is just beginning, it can give hope, and that can change lives. Give us insight into a moment in time with your family and your special child.

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